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http://t226.everyday.com.kh/2014/12/4f5a76ff-4709-4a48-af98-d5274f57cf0c.jpg Christmas release of The Interview cancelled by Sony

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Sony Pictures has cancelled the Christmas release of a film at the centre of a hacking scandal after terrorist threats to cinemagoers and a decision by major movie theatre groups to cancel screenings in the US.
http://t226.everyday.com.kh/2014/12/012812b6-7d2e-4cbe-8f66-91d0b2914b2b.jpg Cambodian parliament amends rules to recognize minority leader

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PHNOM PENH (Xinhua) -- The Cambodia's National Assembly on Friday amended its internal rules to formally recognize a parliamentary minority leader "with a rank equal to the prime minister".
http://t226.everyday.com.kh/2014/12/a631f7cf-4817-4ba6-a9ee-497bc1092480.jpg ADB provides US$67 mln in loan for three projects in Cambodia

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PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- Asian Development Bank (ADB) provided US$67 millions in loan to support and improve water supply, tourism and financial sectors in Cambodia.
http://t226.everyday.com.kh/2014/12/454270c0-e476-48a1-94ec-6a66b81a1b27.jpg Priest installs cell phone jammer in church for silent sermons

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For anyone gearing up to deliver a speech to an audience, there’s always a chance they’re going to be rudely interrupted by someone’s mobile device going off.
http://t226.everyday.com.kh/2014/12/7dea06f3-1e3e-4bf7-8a73-805a17239667.jpg Cambodian PM orders probe into mass HIV infections

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PHNOM PENH (Xinhua) -- Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on Thursday ordered experts to thoroughly look into the case of mass HIV infections in a remote commune of northwestern Cambodia and called on the public not to panic over the incident.
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