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https://t226.everyday.com.kh/2016/7/42d63435-eb20-40f4-b117-ab3ebcf571f6.jpg Amazon boss becomes world's third richest

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Strong earnings from Amazon and a boost to the company's stock have made its founder, Jeff Bezos, the world's third richest person, according to Forbes...
https://t226.everyday.com.kh/2016/7/fedb80d0-708b-4185-b206-02032d863003.jpg Bomb scare at Geneva's airport was a hoax phoned in by a jilted wife who 'was trying to stop her cheating husband from leaving with his mistress'

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A hoax bomb threat which caused a scare at Geneva's airport was phoned in by a woman who was trying to get revenge on her husband and his mistress, a prosecutor says...
https://t226.everyday.com.kh/2016/7/eac4894b-a6b8-4767-a0c5-d7cf3df6977a.jpg Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Further 250,000 tickets to be sold

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A quarter of a million extra tickets for the new two-part Harry Potter play are to go on sale...
https://t226.everyday.com.kh/2016/7/7aff6aa0-4783-4b1a-be6b-b24ba12ae140.jpg Pets left hungry as smart feeder breaks

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Owners of smart pet-feeding device Petnet were told to "feed their pets manually" after a server problem stopped the device from working...
https://t226.everyday.com.kh/2016/7/bd5b2b18-2d7a-4c8c-bd55-388a28eadf73.jpg Cancer found in ancient human ancestor's foot

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The earliest evidence of cancer in the human fossil record has been discovered in a cave in South Africa, an international team of scientists say...
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