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https://t226.everyday.com.kh/2016/4/e6d1ad9f-a37d-458c-b00c-e5c369e28867.jpg 10 National Geographic Photos That Explain Earth to Extraterrestrials

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In August and September of 1977 the twin spacecraft Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 were launched. Their mission was to explore our solar system “from Jupiter to Neptune” before eventually leaving it—heading into interstellar space and to the truly unexplored beyond. Fixed to each spacecraft was a gold-coated record containing information about life on Earth—like a message in a bottle for any intelligent life that might discover it.
https://t226.everyday.com.kh/2016/4/09a08913-5185-47db-afbb-752dc1458907.jpg Uber: Transportation company turns its hand to yacht rides with UberYACHT

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(CNN)A taxi ride is just a tap of an app away in the modern world, and now so is that yacht trip you've always dreamed of. Uber, the online transportation network company, has already brought us cars, boats and helicopters to help with getting from A to B -- now it's turning its hand to luxury vessels. UberYACHT launches in Dubai Saturday, allowing residents to access a deluxe yacht party through their Uber app.
https://t226.everyday.com.kh/2016/4/f36be6be-59a9-410e-b530-6467b1e1962d.jpg Simon Yates: British cyclist fails drug test 'after asthma inhaler error'

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British cyclist Simon Yates has failed an in-competition drugs test - with his team blaming an "administrative error" over an asthma inhaler. Orica-GreenEdge said they took "full responsibility for the mistake" and there was "no wrongdoing" by Yates.
https://t226.everyday.com.kh/2016/4/93c03c4c-2c7e-4ee3-bb2b-d85887a8a2ae.jpg Weak consumer spending, trade seen hurting US first-quarter growth

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U.S. economic growth likely stalled in the first quarter as domestic demand cooled and a strong dollar continued to undercut exports, but a pick-up in activity is anticipated given a buoyant labor market.
https://t226.everyday.com.kh/2016/4/6ea93f90-1a5a-48ad-8af5-1d3139c7c660.jpg How $80B moving through NY Fed daily could be vulnerable to hackers

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The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in its first extensive remarks on cybersecurity following the theft of $81 million from accounts it held for the central bank of Bangladesh, said the incident is a "wake-up call" for the global financial system and the Fed is taking the issue "very seriously."
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