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http://t226.everyday.com.kh/2014/9/3b2eae86-01fd-41ad-972e-4ebf82ca122b.jpg Cambodian garment workers suffer from anemia, food insecurity: study

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PHNOM PENH (Xinhua) -- A new study indicated that 43. 2 percent of Cambodian garment workers suffered from anemia and 15. 7 percent of workers are underweight...
http://t226.everyday.com.kh/2014/9/98f500dc-9b8f-430f-8f4d-5d2ec64e9eec.jpg Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United: Deal unlikely next summer

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Cristiano Ronaldo would love to return to Manchester United, but it’s unlikely to happen in the next 12 months.
http://t226.everyday.com.kh/2014/9/e53c6de1-b654-4804-8eba-180c251778f7.jpg Tech Q&A: Money-stealing virus, spotting a sweetheart scam, and more

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Q. I was listening to your national radio show and did I hear you correctly? Is it really true that there's a virus that can steal money in bank accounts right from your computer?
http://t226.everyday.com.kh/2014/9/6cf32f7f-bac9-4979-9bff-9c35c1e68b5b.jpg Economic recessions impact birth rates in the long-term: report

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Women who live during a recession between ages 20 and 24 are less likely to have kids down the road, a recent study revealed.
http://t226.everyday.com.kh/2014/9/a3eda0e5-6add-457a-a127-2392a93a4b30.jpg 3 Reasons Why Crying Is Good for You

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We’ve all been there: Your boss yells at you, your car breaks down, you stub your toe, and suddenly, you’re in the middle of a complete meltdown.
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